CSI – Construction Specifications Institute
CSC – Construction Specifications Canada
LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a rating system that is recognized as the international mark of excellence for green building in 150 countries.


Canadian Specs US Specs Product Descriptions
Access Doors  pic-acrobat-clear(64KB)word icon(35KB)  pic-acrobat-clear(66KB)word icon(36KB) Non rated | Fire rated 
Floor Doors: Fire Rated  pic-acrobat-clear(70KB)word icon(37KB)  pic-acrobat-clear(71KB)word icon(37KB) Fire rated & Non-rated
Floor Doors: Non-Rated  pic-acrobat-clear(65KB)word icon(36KB)  pic-acrobat-clear(66KB)word icon(33KB) Fire rated & Non-rated
Roof Hatches  pic-acrobat-clear(45KB)word icon(30KB)  pic-acrobat-clear(48KB)word icon(31KB) Steel ConstructionAluminum Construction
Safety Accessories Safety Grab HandleLadder Safety Post



Model Specs
Uninsulated Fire Rated Access Doors Maxam AP LEED-Fire-Rated-Uninsulated
Insulated Fire-Rated Access Doors Maxam AP LEED Fire-Rated-Insulated
Insulated Non-Fire Rated Access Doors



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Galvannealed Steel Facts

Galvannealed steel is coated with a Zinc-Iron Alloy by a process known, in the metallurgical technology, as the Hot-Dip Process. This process consists of passing cold reduced sheet steel in coil form continuously through a pot of molten zinc. As the steel leaves the pot, the amount of coating allowed to remain on the sheet is controlled by coating rolls which are used to establish minimum coating weights in accordance to ASTM Designation A525/A525M. The zinc coating protects the steel against corrosion. This protection acts in two ways: The zinc acts as a shield between the base steel and the atmosphere and where the base steel is exposed, such as at sheared or blanked edges, the zinc acts as a galvanic protector sacrificing itself in the presence of corrosive elements. The coating structure consists of a layer consisting of zinc superimposed on a thin alloys layer of both iron and zinc. The solidification of the zinc layer results from crystallization of the bath metal.

Galvannealed steel, when used without further treatment, offers the most economical corrosion protection for steel in many environments. The coating left on the steel is dull grey in colour. It has no spangle and, after proper cleaning, is well suited for painting. The zinc coating makes an excellent base on which to develop a paint system.

Basic Product Description

Carbon Sheet Steel with a zinc coating on both sides that has been heat treated to form an iron-zinc alloy layer between the zinc and steel.

Galvannealed Steel Ratings Chart

Component Rating (1-5) Description
Appearance 4 – Good Light Grey Matte Finish. Best use is for painted applications.
Paint 5 – Excellent Can be painted in the as shipped condition. Some applications may need a primer before painting.
Corrosion 5 – Excellent For long-lasting corrosion protection when painted properly.
Forming 4 – Good Forms similar to hot dipped galvanized however, the iron-zinc alloy may powder on the compression side when severely formed.
Solder 4 – Good Need good fluxing agent.