Fire-Rated Access Doors

At MAXAM we offer a complete selection of Van-Met uninsulated and insulated fire-rated access doors. Van-Met access doors are manufactured in a wide range of fire ratings, models, and sizes.

All Fire-Rated Access Doors

2 Hour Uninsulated - Wall Only
FRM Model: FRM Exterior Flange Covers Edge of Opening
FFM Model: FFM Surface Mount, No Inner Frame
FDB Model: FDB Drywall Bead Taping Flange
FRL Model: FRL Recessed Concealed Flange
FRK Model: FRK Plaster Flange
FSD Model: FSD Fire Rated Security Door

2 Hour Insulated - Wall or Ceiling
FCI-150 Model: FCI-150 Largest Single Leaf Size
FDL-150 Model: FDL-150 Double Leaf, Largest Size
FCL-150 Model: FCL-150 Recessed Concealed Flange
FTA-150 Model: FTA-150 Recessed Concealed Flange and Panel
FCB-150 Model: FCB-150 Drywall Bead Taping Flange

Upward Opening Insulated - Ceiling Only
FAI-150 Model: FAI-150 2 Hour / 4 Hour, Upward Opening, Ideal for Ladder Access
FAI-250 Model: FAI-250 3 Hour, Upward Opening

Laundry/Garbage Chute Door Insulated - Wall Only
FCC-150 Model: FCC-150 2 Hour Chute Door

Inward Opening Insulated - Wall Only
FIN-150 Model: FIN-150 Panel Opens Into Wall Cavity

Electrical Shaft Door Insulated - Wall or Ceiling
FCI-400 Model: FCI-400 Protection of Electrical Conductors from Heat Transmission

3 Hour Insulated - Wall or Ceiling
FCI-250 Model: FCI-250 Largest Single Leaf Size
FDL-250 Model: FDL-250 Double Leaf, 3 Hour Rating
FCL-250 Model: FCL-250 Concealed Flange, Exposed Panel

High Temperature Insulated
FCI-300 Model: FCI-300 FCI-300: Three Hour, Temperature Control

High Temperature Insulated - Wall Only
FCI-600 Model: FCI-600 Offers the Best Temperature Rise Protection Available