FHD2R – Two hour fire rating


MAXAMs Model FHD2R, two hour fire rated floor door, controls the transmission of heat, hot gases, and flames when installed in a fire-rated floor-ceiling assembly. Manufactured with checker plate for skid resistance and available with a 4.78mm (3/16″) recess to accept VCT tile or carpet. Tested and listed to the first ever 2001 edition of NFPA 288 test standard. Model FHD2R allows for access to equipment and crawl spaces. Tailored to offer simple installation for various design and installation requirements. For standard sized products, heavy duty stainless steel gas cylinders are standard for a 90° opening.

MINIMUM SIZE 16″ x 16″

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Opening Dimension (inches) – This is not a rough opening size:

Non-standard Sizes (W x H) (H = Hinge Side):

Cover – Flush:

Installation: *


Optional Recessed Door Panel:

Self-Closing Mechanism

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