Benefits of Partnering with MAXAM:


MAXAM has the experience and metal manufacturing ‘know how’ to support our diverse product line of Non-Rated Access Doors, Uninsulated and Insulated Fire-Rated Access Doors, Roof Hatches, Floor Doors, Fire-Rated Floor Doors, Louvers, Ladders, Safety Accessories and a line of Dampers.  MAXAM’s products are known for their strength, endurance, careful fitting and assembly.  We pride ourselves on manufacturing a diverse, practical and quality product line that gives you an excellent return on your investment.

Van-Met Non-Rated and Fire-Rated Access Door Line

Van-Met is our trademarked design standard for our access door line, which offers the construction industry a superior product line.  MAXAM’s Van-Met non-rated and fire-rated access doors are designed so that the exterior appearance is compatible, thus uniformity of design is maintained when installed in the same building.  This unique feature ensures an architecturally pleasing appearance.  At MAXAM, we offer a complete selection of uninsulated and insulated fire-rated as well as non-rated access doors. Van-Met access doors are manufactured in a wide range of fire ratings, models and sizes, which bear the Warnock Hersey certification mark for both U.S. and Canadian product safety standards.


MAXAM regularly receives positive feedback from customers commenting on the high quality workmanship of its products. We are always open to and consider our customers’ input.

Technical Expertise

MAXAM’s technical expertise is founded upon three generations of metal manufacturing experience and the knowledge of long-term personnel. Our staff thoroughly understands MAXAM’s product line and is readily accessible to answer any technical questions.

Numerous Firsts

First in North America to:

  1. To design a fire-rated floor door line for a one, one and a half, two, three or four hour fire rating;
  2. To offer an upward opening fire-rated ceiling door with a two, three or four hour fire rating;
  3. To fabricate the largest fire-rated floor door with a temperature rise;
  4. To offer the largest ceiling and wall door in single or double leaf construction in numerous fire ratings.

On-Time Delivery

MAXAM prides itself on meeting our quoted delivery times or supplying from our inventory. MAXAM’s inventory is regularly reviewed and supplemented to service the needs of our customers.


MAXAM METAL PRODUCTS LIMITED is open 24/7 through our web site.  Our front office is open from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm and shipping/receiving in back is open from 8 am to 4 pm (Pacific Standard Time) from Monday to Friday.