Non-Fire Rated Access Doors

Van-Met is the trademark design standard for MAXAM’s non-rated and fire-rated access door line. MAXAM’s quality non-rated and fire-rated access door line is designed so that the exterior appearance is compatible, maintaining uniformity of design when installed in the same building. This unique feature ensures a visually appealing look.

All Non-Fire Rated Access Doors

Exterior Flange
NSM Model: NSM Exterior Flange Covers Edge of Opening, All Purpose Door, for General Use
NSS Model: NSS Stainless SteelExterior Flange Covers Edge of Opening, All Purpose Door, for Sanitary Use

Concealed Flange
NDB Model: NDB Drywall Bead Taping Flange
NSL Model: NSL Recessed Concealed Flange, For High Profile Areas
NFC Model: NFC Recessed Flange Low Profile Frame, Fan Coil Access

Air Leakage & Water Tested, Gasket
NGP Model: NGP Air & Water Resistant, Gasket
NGS Model: NGS Stainless SteelAir & Water Resistant, Gasket
NWR Model: NWR Air & Water Resistant, Gasket Insulated Weather Door with Air Seal
NPL Model: NPL Air Leakage Tested, Gasket Plenum Door

Recessed Panel and Concealed/Recessed Flange
NAT Model: NAT Acoustical Tile
NDI Model: NDI Drywall Bead, Flush Insert

Security Doors
NHS Model: NHS 10 gauge SteelHigh Security Door
NSD Model: NSD 12 Gauge Security Door

Specialty Doors
NUP Model: NUP Panel Opens Into Ceiling or Wall Cavity
NFM Model: NFM Surface Mount, No Inner Frame
NRP Model: NRP Removable Panel with Safety Chain

Double Leaf
NDL Model: NDL Double Leaf Panel is Ideal for Large or Small Openings

Plaster Application
NSK Model: NSK Plaster Flange, Metal Lath
NAP Model: NAP Plaster Door, Metal Lath on Flange and Recessed Panel