Galvannealed Steel Construction

MAXAM’s roof hatches have been designed to ensure energy efficiency, weather tightness, water protection, and corrosion prevention. MAXAM’s standard roof hatch is manufactured with a unique spring hinge design, offering a larger free area. Sizes other than shown are available. Product picture may not be representative of the actual size. Contact us for details.
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All Galvannealed Steel Construction

MAX-14 * Model: MAX-14

914mm x 762mm ~ 36 in x 30 inLadder
RHS-0 Model: RHS-0

914mm x 610mm ~ 36 in x 24 inLadder
RHS-2 * Model: RHS-2

914mm x 914mm ~ 36 in x 36 inLadder
RHS-3 Model: RHS-3 762mm x 1219mm ~ 30 in x 48 inLadder / Equipment
RHS-4 * Model: RHS-4

914mm x 1219mm ~ 36 in x 48 inLadder / Equipment
RHS-5 * Model: RHS-5

762mm x 1372mm ~ 30 in x 54 inShips Stairs
RHS-6 * Model: RHS-6

1219mm x 1219mm ~ 48 in x 48 inEquipment Access
RHS-7 Model: RHS-7 762mm x 1828mm ~ 30 in x 72 inStairs
RHS-8 Model: RHS-8 762mm x 2438mm ~ 30 in x 96 inService Stairs
RHS-CUSTOM Model: RHS-CUSTOM Made to your size request