Weather Resistant, Gasket

Tested for air infiltration and water penetration
Model:NWR: Insulated Weather Door with Air Seal
Applications: Moisture and air movement are a consideration
Standard Construction
Materials: Galvannealed steel
Latch: Locking handle, operable from handle side only
Piano Hinge: Stainless steel
Gasket: Frame gasket on all four sides
Finish: Rust inhibitive off-white prime coat
Insulation: 51mm (2”) rigid fiberglass

The Van-Met Model NWR is designed for exterior and interior applications when consideration of corrosion, moisture, weather, or air infiltration is a factor. The panel with its reinforced safety edges and piano hinge allows the door to be versatile in its applications.

Performance Criteria:

Model NWR met the performance criteria as per CSA A440-00 (windows) for an Air Tightness rating of A-3 at infiltration pressures of 75 Pa and 300 Pa and at ex-filtration pressures of 75 Pa and 300 Pa. In Water Tightness by Static Pressure the door sample met a B-4 rating, subject to using an optional watertight mechanism. Call for details. Testing performed by Intertek (Warnock Hersey).

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