Protection of Electrical Conductors from Heat Transmission

Fire Rated: Van-Met Electrical Shaft Door Insulated - Wall or Ceiling
Model:FCI-400: Shaft Assemblies and Junction Boxes
Applications: Installed in walls or ceilings
Standard Construction
Materials: Galvannealed steel
Insulation: 102mm (4”) high temperature
Latch: Flush mount ¼” allen key
Hinge: Concealed continuous piano hinge
Finish: Rust inhibitive off-white prime coat

The Van-Met Model FCI-400 is designed for use with junction boxes or at access points in a shaft containing life safety equipment. This model offers temperature rise protection of electrical conductors for a period of one hour. Model FCI-400 meets or exceeds a 90º C/162ºF 60 minute rating to help maintain the operation of emergency equipment for a period of at least one hour.

We have the distinction of being the only fire rated access door to be listed in the City of Vancouver Bulletin 95-1 (click to view) code to provide protection of electrical conductors to help maintain a one hour operation of emergency systems.

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Rough In Size – Wall Application (Inches):

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Rough In Size – Ceiling Application (Inches):

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Non-standard Sizes (W x H) (H = Hinge Side):

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